[dlc-dev] Fraud Proofs for V0

LE GUILLY THIBAUT thibaut at cryptogarage.co.jp
Thu Feb 18 06:57:33 CET 2021

Hi list,

As part of the V0 milestone we have a section about fraud proofs [1]. One
difficulty with fraud proofs, is how to judge that some information signed
by an Oracle is incorrect, and especially doing so in an automated manner
and without relying on external parties (which would pretty much end up
being some sort of oracle themselves?). While in the future it might be
possible to engineer some nice solutions for this, I think it is important
to keep a reasonable scope for V0. It seems to me that the simplest and
easiest to verify type of proof that one could get is for the case where an
oracle signs two different outcomes for a single event, as the set of two
(or more) signatures could easily be processed and verified automatically
by client software.

So I just wanted to check whether this would seem acceptable to people, or
if someone can think of other simple (enough) fraud proof that it would be
reasonably to have specified and implemented for V0.



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