[dlc-dev] Fraud Proofs for V0

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On Sat, 20 Feb 2021 at 07:11, Nadav Kohen via dlc-dev <
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> Since this is the work that is required, I would like to tentatively
> propose another kind of fraud proof message which contains only a single
> aggregate signature and a string field making the case that it is
> fraudulent. As Thibaut mentions, this cannot be verified automatically by
> client software and requires that a user import the proof manually, and
> then review the string field's claims given all context by the software
> (specifically the deserialized details from the announcement). While this
> is an inferior kind of fraud verification, I think it may still be valuable
> to have in some form because it would be nice to have some way to make
> black-listing oracles more user friendly. I don't think this is a perfect
> solution but I think it is better to have this than not to have it.

This makes more sense to me. It covers both equivocation and giving a
single wrong outcome.

As I have mentioned to Nadav in DM unless you provide a proof of knowledge
on R in the announcement I don't think the fraud proof is sound. i.e. just
because you have an aggregate s that should include a `s` share from a
particular oracle doesn't mean the oracle actually contributed their share.
It is currently *not* safe to combine `s` values from oracles.

Will get to proving it is secure with PoK on R this week hopefully.

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