[dlc-dev] Economic incentives for oracles

Lipton Tea order5d315965475 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 11:22:49 CET 2021


What are the economic incentives for oracles to maintain their reputation?
An oracle in DLC does not know which (or even how many) users use them. I
assume from this that it is not possible for an oracle to be rewarded
financially for being used (getting a fee every time their signature is
used to unlock a contract).

So what are the incentives? Maybe maintaining good reputation of an
associated business (e.g. exchange). Looks not very promising, because then
why to become an oracle in the first place. Such an entity can not win
anything, but can lose, so better not to participate.

If this was discussed anywhere or if this mailing list is not a good place
for such questions, please let me know.
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