[dlc-dev] Economic incentives for oracles

Chris Stewart chris at suredbits.com
Sat Jan 30 13:23:51 CET 2021

Hi Lipton

One possibility is monetizing via lightning.


You can of course monetize with other more traditional models too such as a
credit card and access to X signatures per month or whatever.


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> Hey
> What are the economic incentives for oracles to maintain their reputation?
> An oracle in DLC does not know which (or even how many) users use them. I
> assume from this that it is not possible for an oracle to be rewarded
> financially for being used (getting a fee every time their signature is
> used to unlock a contract).
> So what are the incentives? Maybe maintaining good reputation of an
> associated business (e.g. exchange). Looks not very promising, because then
> why to become an oracle in the first place. Such an entity can not win
> anything, but can lose, so better not to participate.
> If this was discussed anywhere or if this mailing list is not a good place
> for such questions, please let me know.
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