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Wed Mar 24 11:16:06 CET 2021

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I'm new to this realm. I recently have been reading through the DLC specs and have explored some of the implementation including the recent Krystal Ball implementation to get my head around the domain.

I was thinking the other day about a meteorite that burnt through the atmosphere over north Cheltenham, England on the 28 Feb of this year. There was a bit of excitement and a race to be the first to find some actual meteorite rocks. In addition, people were making prediction about where some of these rocks would be found. I was thinking of a DLC contract where an oracle could attest to the coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) of the first meteorite rocks to be found.

From the specs I have read (I apologise if I have missed relevant detail), is there intended support for such multi-dimensional numerical measurements? If so, is there any thinking about how they would work from announcement to attestation?

In my concrete example we have 2 dimensions of measurement, but I could see N-dimensional outcomes being useful for other predictions e.g. RGB colour and 3D space measurements.

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