[dlc-dev] [bitcoin-dev] CTV dramatically improves DLCs

Jeremy jlrubin at mit.edu
Sun Feb 6 18:17:13 CET 2022

> I'm not sure what is meant concretely by (5) but I think overall
> performance is ok here. You will always have 10mins or so to confirm the
> DLC so you can't be too fussy about performance!

I mean that if you think of the CIT points as being the X axis (or
independent axes if multivariate) of a contract, the Y axis is the
dependent variable represented by the CTV hashes.

For a DLC living inside a lightning channel, which might be updated between
parties e.g. every second, this means you only have to recompute the
cheaper part of the DLC only if you update the payoff curves (y axis) only,
and you only have to update the points whose y value changes.

For on chain DLCs this point is less relevant since the latency of block
space is larger.
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