[dlc-dev] DLC Messaging and Networking

Thibaut Le Guilly thibaut at cryptogarage.co.jp
Tue Mar 29 03:17:27 CEST 2022

Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the comments!

I agree here. On point 2, I think that a lot of current (and future) "p2p
> trading" bitcoin  protocols (coinjoins [0], liquidity ads, peerswap, etc)
> are sharing the requirements for peers/offers discovery. It could make
> sense to have one unified communication infrastructure across the
> ecosystem. Threat models are likely converging (spams, front-running, price
> manipulations, etc).

Happy that we agree :)

LN devs are currently thinking of moving towards a privacy-preserving
> channel announcement protocol, based on UTXO ownership. Though it might
> take years as the adequate cryptosystems implementations are more-or-less
> non-existent iirc. In the meantime, we might use cleartext "at least X
> sats" UTXO ownership as there is no concept of public channel in DLC. But
> not great for privacy.
That's interesting, UTXO ownership feels like it could also work for DLC,
but if it's complex, we should indeed try to think of something else.

> For point 2 and point 4, I think we'll need to envision some bulletin
> boards style server where the offers are published, persisted for some
> duration and retrievable, in a privacy-preserving fashion by nodes. We
> might reuse in some way LN onion messages there, as it's currently
> uncoupled from relaying HTLCS only [1]
I feel there might not be a one size fits all for those, but what I find
important at this stage is to have a simple protocol that could be used for
different context (bulletin board, p2p...).

> If we think it makes sense to share the DLC networking infrastructure with
> other bitcoin "p2p trading" protocols, it could be interesting to discuss
> with those communities  to converge on a common list of requirements. Even
> if the specification effort is conducted by dlcspecs. Standards are great!
I personally feel it would make a lot of sense, and it'd be great to hear
from them. Let's discuss how to reach out during our next spec meeting.


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